Serpentine Happy man

It is believed that if a person rubs his belly it brings good luck. Often, one single feng shui coin is placed below the statue. There are many instances of good things happening to the people who bring Laughing Buddha home. It is not necessary to get it as a gift

Placing a Buddha statue inside your home so that it faces the front door not only attracts positive energy or chi, but also repels negative forces that bring evil into the house.

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The Buddha teaches us the lessons of open giving. By gifting it to your loved ones, you can establish a peaceful environment around them. Even if they are not an ardent follower of Buddhism still it will help you to keep intact their prosperity and inner peace as it helps in free them from all the sufferings.

The buddha statue is made of 100% natural serpantine stone.

The astrological benefits of serpantine stone are as follows:

An earthing stone, Serpentine also opens new pathways for the Kundalini energy. It aids in meditation and enhances spiritual exploration. Serpentine assists the retrieval of wisdom, helping to regain memory of past lives. It clears the chakras and stimulates the crown chakra, opening psychic abilities.

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