Mini Clear Quartz Skull.

These beautifully carved mini Clear Quartz Crystal Skulls are the perfect altarpiece or visioning tool. It is believed that hand-carved Crystal Skulls act as a kind of computer which records the information and energy vibrations around them. Crystal Skulls are used for visioning exercises to replay events that they have been in contact with. They offer us collective consciousness and a deeper understanding of the world.

If you are ready to take your meditations to the next level or are looking for a small totem to use during ceremonies then these little skulls will help you on your path to enlightenment.

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Clear Quartz

Quartz comes from the Greek word “ice” as they believed it was a form of permanent unthawable ice, while for the Japanese it symbolizes space, purity, and patience, and in South America, it is a vessel for the soul.

One of the most powerful healing crystals it is also programmable, allowing you to transfer your intentions, amplify and manifest them. It can alter our perceptions showing us enlightenment and reducing negativity. Holding this crystal unblocks energy flows for deep healing and mental clarity.
Every order comes with one piece of clear quartz skull.

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