Merlinite necklace ( Dendritic opal )

Unleash magical abilities as luck and power abounds with our Merlinite Pendant.

Also known as Dendritic Opal, Merlinite is a stone of magic. It helps us to develop our natural magical skills, to learn magical spells, and to use these powers for spiritual enhancement. It is an excellent stone to enhance psychic abilities such as mediumship, clairvoyance, clairsentience, spiritual communication, past-life recall, shamanic journeying, and more.

Its a piece only made one time.

No Other piece will be exactly same which makes it unique on its own.

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When you meditate with this stone and tell it your deepest desires and wishes, it will work with your energies to make these wishes and desires manifest in your life!

It will dispel negative and difficult energies that surround you so that you can function fully and do the task at hand.

When your aura is light and clear, you can see all the possibilities and better focus on them. And when you are focused, you can very easily achieve them.

Merlinite will bring abundance and fullness in all areas of your life. Its energies will help create a peaceful and harmonious environment.

It will also foster the appreciation for the little things and thankfulness for each moment of your life. When you are grateful for everything, you will attract only the best kinds of energies.

Gemstone = Merlinite also called Dendritic agate or dendritic opal

Metal = Pure Silver

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