Good night | howlite, lepidolite, amethyst, selenite, angelite & smokey quartz

Good night kit, is here to help you to slow down before you sleep. Switch off your phone and bring yourself back into centre. Allow these crystals to calm and sooth you before you pop your head on the pillow to sleep. Keep them next to your bed, or under your pillow. Remember to regularly cleanse them and set your intentions

800 1,500

Howlite Tumble | calming, rest, soothing and mindfulness

Lepidolite Tumble| contains natural lithium therefore its naturally calming and soothing

Amethyst Raw | promotes deep sleep and brings healing energy to your dreams

Selenite Raw| surround yourself with protection, re-charing your energy as you sleep

Angelite tumble| soothing blue energy brings calm, inner peace and tranquility

Smokey tumble| ground and protection for a restful sleep

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