Desert Jasper bracelet

Find courage and determination with our Desert Jasper bracelet.

Also known as Polychrome, Desert Jasper can help us return to normal life after a setback or period of suffering. This nurturing stone will sustain and support us during times of stress.

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Desert Jasper, also known as Polychrome Jasper or coffee bean jasper, is named for its many splendid color. It is a crystal of Fire and Earth, embodying the energy of action, creativity, and passion, while still stabilizing us through its ability to ground and center, always reconnecting us back to our Mother Earth.

After a setback or period of suffering, Desert Jasper can help us begin the cycle of life once more. It is a stone that brings with it courage and determination as it nurtures us, sustaining and supporting during times of stress, and finally bringing us back to ourselves.

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